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Red Hills Base Camp. The base camp is accessible by vehicles and is the staging area for our back country wilderness summer vacations and hunting trips. It is located on the scenic Gros Ventre River just past the Red Hills Ranch. Our base camp utilizes a historical log cabin which has been preserved for future generations.

27 miles from Jackson (see a map)

21 miles from Jackson Airport

12 miles from Kelly , WY

Crystal Creek Camp & Jagg Creek Camp. These two camps are located in the Gros Ventre Wilderness and are our home away from home while on summer vacations or hunting trips. Federal laws prohibit any motorized or mechanized equipment in wilderness areas to preserve it as a truly undisturbed wilderness environment. The only way in and out, is by foot or horseback.

Jagg Creek is 9 miles from the Trail Head

Crystal Creek is 8 miles from the Trail Head

South Pass City is a historic gold mining town located at the southern end of the Wind River Mountains on the edge of the Red Desert . We offer great summer vacations as well as fall hunting trips, along the Oregon Trail , Mormon Trail, and Pony Express Routes. Restaurants and cabins for lodging can be found in nearby Atlantic City.

4 miles from Atlantic City

33 miles from Lander, WY

Pavillion, WY is home and headquarters for all of Wyoming Country Outfitters’ business operations.

25 miles to Riverton , WY

160 miles to Jackson Hole , WY

325 miles to Salt Lake City , UT

392 miles to Denver, CO


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